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"It's the System"

It's our "System" that separates Stone Pros from other shops in the industry. Stone Pros is an employee-owned company. Together we share in the risks, responsibilities, and rewards. Everyone working on your project has 'skin in the game'. I hire artists with muscle: people with the proper skill, pride in their abilities, and proper incentives to deliver the absolute best craftsmanship available. Our team truly understands being 'the best' at something and the intrinsic rewards that come along with it. This is the team we have assembled for your project.


What this means to you:

We come to the table with years of experience and are proactive about how to best handle all the small but important detail decisions. Our expert assessment of your project will identify any opportunities for improvement in design, material specification, and scope of work surrounding your project…saving you time, money, and making sure you project is an A+ the first time.

As the Stone-Pros company president, I am involved in every project and extremely accessible. Please feel free to call me at any time.

Thank you,
Glenn Schiff